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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wired picks up the roadcasting story. The collaborative-filtering is interesting, but still seems like it's missing the big advantage of social music listening: others vouch for the music. Perhaps the transient interactions of this mechanism would make it more problematic, but some sort of rating system might work (perhaps through a central voting server over cell networks or somesuch).

Chart-topping single of moped beats out Coldplay. And who says remixing doesn't add value?

More on EU software patents.

Movie franchise practices dissected. Also emphasizes tie-ins: <>

Bertelsmann gives P2P another try with GNAB. SNIU

More DRM tsurus.

Delta startup launches music label.

Cell phones to add hard disks. The content industries would love for cell phones to add media capabilities, rather than iPods adding phones, because cell phone users are used to more restrictions and $3 ringtones.

Unrated DVDs outsell theatrical ones.

More on the Darknet. Worth a read.

It should be a parody, but it's not.

TiVo for internet radio 'aids piracy.' <> Note the reduction in rights.

Yahoo Music DRM flaw.

10 minute ad-laden short. The future of advertising, perhaps...pull versus push.

More on Google.

Patry on the First Sale doctrine.



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