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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bad news for EU Patents.

LATimes Wikitorial experiment ends after repeated posting of obscene images. In the end, this may be the major failure of collaborative filtering. Applications with zero tolerance for problems simply may not be ever able to make it work. OTOH, if 99% is good enough, the results can be spectacular. And an obit.

It's sad that iPods need a sepearate program/hack to do this.

Interesting interpretations of a new study. I'd say the news is that 49%, which I'd guess is statistically indistinguisable from 50%, of those over 30 oppose banning P2P services. Of course, it's a little disturbing that half those over 30 agree with banning (or, more precisely, attempting to ban) a new technology simply because some of its uses are less than savory.

"Applications like IM, web conferencing and P2P, deployed by the end user and elusive at the network level are described by FaceTime as 'greynets'. Learn how to enable the good ones and block the bad."

"The success of the new Napster"?!

Blizzard v. BnetD More depth.



Free David.

More Patry. Actually, my post-Sept. 11 experiences photographing Congressmen and senators would seem to indicate that there's still startlingly little security surrounding them. Security around the president, however, was very tight, particularly for the press in this anti-media administration. Normally while shooting I overcome my natural disinclination to break rules and go hop over barriers and such to get the shot, but when three secret service persons say no, you tend to listen....

Mashboxx accepting beta signups.



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