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Friday, May 13, 2005

TV shows on DVD. MPAA targeting TV download sites. Maybe I don't know that much about the industry, but does the MPAA really include TV producers?

Gates claims iPod's days are numbered. Careful, Bill, it's an explosive topic.

In another one of those cases where defining a P2P network becomes difficult, a new spam filtering technique calls for using the already-existing social network as a P2P spam filter. SNIU

Grid computing in the enterprise.

Interesting Freenet conceptual flaw. Only really matters if you get caught, but still problematic. Shouldn't really be that hard for them to fix, but the fix will come at a considerable performance price.

Dutch ISPs fight back in anti-piracy case. Following the Verizon example....

'Rockonomics.' "The better the seat, the less likely it was to be sold."



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