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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A new invasion route for DRM into the home?

I2 rebuttal.

Another hamfisted education campaign.

Online shoppers aren't compulsive. If this means they are more educated buyers, and if that difference extends to downloaders, than it could further increase the marketing effect of P2P networks--they're doing their research.

We apparently put out an annnual report on how the rest of the world needs more IP. In cases like pre-TRIPS India, I'd be inclined to agree. But Canada?

July deadline for broadcast flag looms.

Three links to copyfight strategies.

Patenting the Internet.

Ringtone craze may be reeled in by...disgruntled parents.

Linkin Park claims payments withheld.

Detailed article on Fair Use.

This one, on the relative immunity to infringement lawsuits the government is afforded, I found particularly interesting. Does shielding government employees from the everyday realities of copyright drudgery put them out-of-touch with the problems new legislation creates?



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