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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Interactive graph of sampling throughout time.

Frank Zappa's 1983 proposal.

Another DRMed interface proposal. Of course, the end of the broadcast flag wouldn't be the end of it, would it? It may turn out that the end of the flag just means that instead of most things being arbitrarily protected, ALL content is protected--this is essentially what DisplayPort does.

DJ Spooky writes book on remixing.

PSP's UMD cracked.

iTunes and iTMS tiptoe into video content.

A review of Fair Use from one of the most stringent IP nations.

irony: n. Hilary Rosen griping about iPod lockin.

ANts P2P, third-generation anonymizing, encrypting network.

TorrentFlux might be the basis for some interesting SNIU's.



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