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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

More on the IBM patent release. And a call for patent reform.

Presidential piracy. "The president also has an eclectic mix of songs downloaded into his iPod from Mark McKinnon, a biking buddy and his chief media strategist during the 2004 campaign." A nice illustration of just how far the social norms campaign of the RIAA has to go.

Commentary on the Fiona Apple third album issue.

Orphan works.

Skypecasting--perversion of a SNIU. Control is impossible.

OECD report.

DMCA library exemption.

WIPO meeting.

Grokster commentary.

More British content to be available soon.

RIAA readies another U. blitz. Hard to see how the I2 can be targeted if the RIAA can't access it.

Computer-aided music distribution.

The controversy over P2P's effect on music sales.



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