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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Grokster transcript

It's a good read, actually. My favorite exerpt is a little dig that
Taranto gets in at the MGM lawyer: Page 38
MR. TARANTO: Let me suggest why that's not odd
17 and why the cases are not just different, but critically
18 different. Napster rests -- never mind the exact words of
19 the opinion -- Napster involves something more than
20 distribution of a product. Napster, the company, was
21 sending out, in response to requests, "Where is this
22 filed," an answer, the information, "The file is here."
23 Every time it sent out that information, if it had been
24 told by Mr. Verrilli's client, "That file may not be
25 shared," it was, with specific knowledge to that file, giving assistance.

Note line 24, pointing out Verrilli's former affiliation with Napster


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