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Friday, February 25, 2005


Lexmark DMCA case finally (almost) reaches closure. This is what happens when you write bad laws.

Broadcast flag.

Not even kow-towing to the Industry has saved TiVo. Slashdot readers, predictably, suggest it become the 'anti-cable' and reverse its path of compliance.

Distributing/grid projects.

CiteULike, an academic citations database, appears to be a CDDB-like database in that users create the database as they use it and find missing entries. Particularly interesting, though, is that it tells you who has the article. Is it possible to use this as a manual P2P network (e.g. contact those who have the article and ask them to e-mail it to you)? I know I occasionally download articles for people I know at other U's which lack Penn's rather amazing set of journal subscriptions.



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