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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Big one, and there's more to come

Macrovision releases hardware-based anti-DVD-rip tech.

Steganography in the backbone of the Internet. All that driving P2P underground would do is increase the development and prevalence of such attacks, creating problems for things that are more deserving of scrutiny.

Future of radio?

Music hits phone market. Someone told me the other day it costs something like $4 per ringtone, which I find hard to believe. If so, that makes a snippet of one song a substantial fraction of the price of an album. Even $1/ringtone is ridiculous. If you buy the cable, you can turn any of your own music into ringtones, perfectly legally. Someone could make a fortune by stocking up on cables and loading for consumers.

The value of SNIU for scientific research.

Speak of the devil. Annodex allows some of the capabilities I was lamenting the lack of in DVDs, not so much on the playback end as on the browsing end. Still can't use it directly on DVDs, though, must rip them first.

Schneider wins first Grammy for a web album. Not just significant because it's a web album, but because it's an ArtistShare album, which is a form of distributed patronage. Her tracks also seem to be 320Kbps, un-DRMed MP3s. I can understand the high bandwidth, as her songs have this incredible texture that gets muddied at lower quality settings.

Telecos move into TV via the Internet.

MPAA tries fingerprinting music. Good luck with that.

Starry-eyed prognostication about future formats. It's great that we won't have to buy a new format every few years, but with DRM, that's really not very likely. Just look at the issues between moving between music *players* now (e.g. iTunes to WinAmp).

Intel working on Media Center-style chipsets.

SNIU panic button for elderly.

Press still doesn't understand tech. Equivalent to the 'analog loophole,' but still digital.



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