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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Are bullies after our culture?

First the genes in our body, now the color orange?!

The Viral Marketing chart.

Verizon-only debut of TV series. So the solution to rampant TV 'piracy' is to release things only in one format, for one set of customers?

Another distributed project collects its eighth trophy.

EU Software patents safe for now.

The criticism of the DMCA is that it went beyond the traditional bounds of copyright by making technological solutions to distribution issues protected by law. This case shows that doing so not only harms copyright principles, but more broad legal principles such as right-of-resale. However, in concept, this isn't much different from national exhaustion on drugs. The question is, are such rights desirable? With drugs, they would seem to allow price discrimination without which poorer countries would have no hope of affording the treatments (c.f. the AIDS drug crisis). With computer games, it's hard to make a case for such restrictions.



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