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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Intellectual property and voting. I've been following the open voting issues for awhile, but they are only now gaining traction so I figured I'd post it.

Lessig on a bunch of issues, including Grokster.

Fascinating move on the part of some states to truly treat intellectual property as property. The real bum deal of the 1998 laws (SBCPA and DMCA) is that it takes away many rights inherent in the traditional world without allowing the new abilities of digital distribution to be harnessed on the behalf of the consumer. For a dramatic illustration of this, try telling the MPAA you're going to copy their DVD and watch the lawsuits fly. Now, instead, try telling them that, because the DMCA has made it illegal to circumvent their flimsy copy protection that was broken by a teenager in Norway (not to diminish John's accomplishments), you want them to replace the DVD that you couldn't back up because it was scratched. People have tried. It doesn't go anywhere.

FCC fines more than nuclear fines.

Berklee College of Music on the future of music. "The Future of Music punches gaping holes through the foundation of a record industry that refuses to adapt. If you love music, have discovered digital music and download or rip MP3 files on your computer, or download ring tones to your cell phone - then this book is for you."

BitTorrent inventor moves to for-profit venture.

An comprehensive summary of the Industry's arguments.

Keep TV Free. This message brought to you by Hollywood.

Contributory infringement.

The kind of overcontrol that kills innovation.

Summary of A2K.

Spectrum wars. And spectrum grabs.

Townsend's covering the Orphan Works comment period. Poke around her site for more coverage.

Widespread CD copy protection may be coming. For the 'no resistance among consumers' claim, see my earlier post about the methodological flaws in one prominent survey on the issue.




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