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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Universal sues Myspace
Universal Music Group, the largest music company in the world, has made good on CEO Doug Morris's threat to sue MySpace, filing a lawsuit against the site today "just hours after MySpace... said it launched an enhanced copyright protection tool to make it easier for content owners to remove unauthorized material," according to Reuters.

Second Life could be second target
The next aspect of real life to become part of Second Life could be the all-too-real prospect of an RIAA crackdown on unauthorized music, although labels could face difficulty in proving that Linden Labs has any culpability.

Yahoo!'s new Bix could be next
Most contestants battle each other in karaoke or lip-sync videos of a common song, but Bix also hosts stand-up comedy contests, beauty contests and competitions styled after "stupid human tricks."

MPAA sues over DVD-to-iPod service
The customer then gets the iPod with the movies loaded on it and a copy of the DVD that she legally purchased.
This may be another casualty of the DMCA.  The question is, why is the motion picture industry suing something so clearly good for them, unless they really believe they can sell the same content to users two and three times (it's kind of working for the RIAA members right now with ringtones, sadly, but even there I doubt there's much overlap in customers).

File-sharing defendant says Kazaa has him covered
David Greubel argues that even if is found liable for copyright infringement, Arista and the other record labels are barred from recovering any damages because the of the Kazaa settlement.
Not sure this will work (IANAL), but it's interesting to see people fighting back.

Lawrence Lessig
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