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Monday, July 10, 2006

Wired News: Hilary Rosen: Singing a New Song?
I think it's a fair thing to question the ongoing value of the individual lawsuits now when there's so much opportunity in the legitimate marketplace.

Online Movie Tickets a Still-Evolving Force - New York Times
Industry executives say the business has an image problem: most consumers see no reason to pay an average of $1 a ticket extra to buy online when they can simply walk up to the ticket counter on most nights, without a wait, and save the buck.

New optical drive reads HD DVD and Blu-ray
Hardware manufacturer Ricoh has developed a new optical drive capable of reading and writing several formats, including HD DVD, Blu-ray, CD, and DVD.

Slashdot | Interview Looks at How and Why Wikipedia Works
The interview focuses on how Wikipedia works and why these three practitioners believe it will keep working.

Slashdot | Cutting out the Naughty Bits Ruled Illegal
Judge Richard P. Matsch has found that this practice violates US copyright law, and 'decreed on Thursday in Denver, Colo., that sanitizing movies to delete content that may offend some people is an "illegitimate business."
This is great politically.  The copyright minimalist camp just gained a few (tens of?) million members.

Furdlog » LATimes on Pending (c) Proposals
And that same year, it prolonged the public domain’s starvation diet by extending copyrights an additional 20 years, to 70 years beyond the death of the creator.

Furdlog » Worth A Careful Read
Does It Matter if Copyright is Property?

Furdlog » In Search Of A Formula
The iTunes store is just a very alluring retailer; it has no defining personality and therefore hasn’t developed into the kind of mass community that assembled around the most successful radio DJ shows.



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