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Friday, May 19, 2006

Extracting Knowledge From Science: A Conversation With Elias Zerhouni -- Culliton 25 (3): w94 -- Health Affairs
We’re doing all these trials that record information that is never used again. We’re doing all these experiments that don’t work. We have no one place where the integration of the information can be used as a powerful hypothesis generator as well as a powerful way of understanding the change in phenotype or the change in response, whatever you can think of.

The McKinsey Quarterly: Understanding Europe's market for mobile TV
# A survey of European consumers finds that offering more free-to-air content and lowering fees for subscriptions and handsets could significantly influence demand for mobile TV.
# Furthermore, the study suggests that the sales resulting from a larger market would more than compensate operators for their smaller margins.
Once again a major content industry overprices its content to the detriment of all.  And this is McKinsey saying it, not some crazy do-gooder like myself.

Blu-ray DRM: "self-destruct sequence engaged captain!" - Topic Ars OpenForum
The player's firmware will actually be rewritten/scrambled if it detects a "pirated" disc to prevent you from using it. So...god forbid your disc "watermark" is scratched...

TechCrunch » Blog Archive » AllofMP3 Down - For Good?
The extremely popular, quasi-legal AllofMP3 site went down over the weekend and is not yet back up. The site currently says “We are sorry but the server is closed for maintainance.”

BBC NEWS | Technology | Satellite radio in recordings row
US satellite radio firm XM is being sued by record labels over a gadget that lets listeners record songs.

The recording industry said XM's Inno device, which stores music and divides it into tracks, infringes copyright.

Fair use strengthened in court decision
Bottom line: DK wins, fair use is strengthened, and corporate interests cannot simply lock up important historical artifacts by claiming copyright.



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