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Sunday, January 08, 2006

azerbic - Antonia Zerbisias - Toronto Star Blog: Funny Money Raiser
Geist is particularly concerned with Bulte's connection to copyright reform legislation and the sources of these contributions

Freedom to Tinker » Blog Archive » Predictions for 2006
DRM technology will still fail to prevent widespread infringement. In a related development, pigs will still fail to fly. - the original daily p2p and digital media news site
Now, "relying on its own proprietary copy-protection technology, Google threatens to compound the frustration that some consumers feel when they buy songs from one online source like the iTunes store, only to discover the music can't be played on an incompatible gadget such as Creative Technologies' Zen player."

informitv - Interactive TV - Opinion - Sky by Broadband shows internet television promise
The Sky by Broadband service uses the same underlying peer-to-peer distribution technology as the BBC integrated Media Player, but offers a consistently coherent consumer proposition with far superior navigation. - the original daily p2p and digital media news site
The editorial from, "Hollywood's home town daily paper" concludes, "In the meantime, if the goal is to deter illegal copying, Hollywood should work harder to help viewers watch what they want when they want to. And Congress should understand that piracy cannot be curbed simply by giving Hollywood more control."

Web site publishes stored P2P photos - Computerworld
Call it a for the unwilling: Users of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are finding photos stored in shared folders are being published on a new voyeuristic Web site that went live a few days ago, but the site may violate laws, a legal expert said.

The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog: The Last of the Gang to Die
It looks as if Morpheus, the last surviving member of the first wave of popular peer-to-peer services, might be about to call it a day.

Project Neon: Media Sharing Network
Keep it in the family - privately stream your videos to your friends, even behind firewalls.

SNIU, or just the only way to launch a new P2P service post-Grokster?

P2P Foundation » Blog Archive » The Peer to Peer Foundation needs your cooperation
The Foundation aims to develop a knowledge base concerning three related social movements

Open Access News
Will 2006 be the year of the mashup? Originally used to describe the mixing together of musical tracks, the term now refers to websites that weave data from different sources into a new service.

Open Access News
The economic impact of the “sui generis” right on database production is unproven. Introduced to stimulate the production of databases in Europe, the new instrument has had no proven impact on the production of databases.

Furdlog » Missed This: From Sunday’s WaPo
that DRM will become a race issue

Furdlog » Music Retail Dynamics
Album sales are in decline, music consumers continue to migrate to music downloading and CD-burning. The loss-leader approach to CD sales at giant chains such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy have smothered mom-and-pop outfits. And when prerecorded CDs are sold, more and more often it’s through new-approach merchants that are as varied as and Starbucks.

Furdlog » LATimes on Movie Ticket Trends
A plot of the ticket sales statistics versus real average ticket prices (using average CPI as a deflator) shows an unsurprising correlation, though.

Furdlog » Emerging Media Model?
Other networks and producers are following “Lost” closely to see if this multimedia franchising model can work for them.

Inside Higher Ed :: A Tenure Reform Plan With Legs
The creation of “multiple pathways” to demonstrating research excellence. The monograph is one way, but so would be journal articles, electronic projects, textbooks, jointly written books, and other approaches.

Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress)
[P]rivate motivation must ultimately serve the cause of promoting broad public availability of literature, music, and the other arts . . . When technological change has rendered its literal terms ambiguous, the Copyright Act must be construed in light of this basic purpose.


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