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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A simple concept to allow for legal remixes, by me. If I were a better coder, I'd write the darn thing already.

DVD format wars.

Gore's TV network debuts.

NYTimes on Clarke.

Collaborative filtering scheme for OSS.

More DVD format wars.

OS/X for Intel uses DRM.

NYTimes on Payola.

Web TV grows.


Shrink wrap licenses for books. My family walked out of a car sale the other day because they had a shrink-wrap clause: "I warrant that this car may have been damaged en route and repaired." The funny thing is that the lawsuit that caused all this was filed by a high-school friend's father.

No free VISTA after all.

Renting, not buying. Consumers still want to own their IP, but content controllers want to prevent them from doing so. In every case that I know of where formerly 'owned' IP has been moved to a rental model, it has failed due to lack of consumer interest. Witness the demise of just about every software services scheme ever, and the relative failure of the music subscription services.

Five UK 'pirates' refuse settlement. To my knowledge this has never happened in the US.

Satellite radio goes mainstream.

Slate on scrounging for free music.


WiFi crime.

Korean P2P controversy.

MPAA-sponsored BitTorrent in the works?

We don't export cars like we used to, but we sure are good at exporting bad laws.



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