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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Music, society, and culture. Mix'n'match.

UK EFF soon?

Another story of non-tech-folk just not getting it.

Videogame product placement goes FMV.

Grokster hearing lineup. Guessing the Wurld guy will claim that they have a beautiful working product that filters everything but legitimate songs perfectly, and thus everything else should be banned.

Patry weighs in on the Australia linking case.

Dutch podcasting levy to come?

A Chicago guy favors markets. Whodathunkit? The point about the utility of anti-payola laws is well-taken, but we're simply not at a perfectly competitive market yet (or anything close to it), and there is substantial anecdotal evidence that payola has allowed inferior-but-good-enough products to dominate--who do you know that actually thinks the modern major labels put out superior works?



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