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Monday, July 25, 2005

US creates piracy czar post.

Copyright Office requests comments on "Preregistration of Certain Unpublished Copyright Claims."

Netherlands blocks distribution of DVD X Copy.

NYTimes on Video Blogs.

New mechanisms for promoting artists "at the bottom of the food chain."

More on watermarking printouts. I think the first version is much more agreeable from a censorship perspective.

Academic presses should launch their own general-purpose OA journals? Although the university competition aspect of this is interesting, this doesn't seem like the greatest solution to me. In general, it seems like OA tends towards non-credentialing. The PLoS model, with high-presige offerings, may produce a faster transition.

PLoS Genetics launches.

Reader's guide to the Orphan Works comments.

Commons blamed, but not at fault, in airport delays.

ISP shuts down site of union.

Sony/Spitzer settlement official.

Quasi-OA. Nice idea.


Censorship? Unlikely, but amusing anyway.

MS patents TV filtering for exciting parts of sports games. Now if TiVo tried this....



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