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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fox issues rather polite takedown notices over Star Wars.

Encryption bad. Except in DRM, of course.

Interesting contractual argument.

Open movie project.

After seeing this linked to from 12 different places, I finally decided it was time to link to it. Peer pressure wins out today. It's not really that surprising news, but the open access debate is interesting because it pits two champions of the spread of knowledge against each other, and the only difference is that one is an old champion and the other is new.

A link to a rumour, but a plausible one?

Comments on CC.

Fair and balanced panel on piracy. Or not.

File Hoarding on P2P networks.

Satradio concept not perfect. Buy an iPod then. Speaking of which, I just bought a Creative MuVo TX FM. It was $50 after rebate, the size of a pack of gum, records voice, FM radio, etc. I'm very impressed with the little thing. It's amazing how far the technology has come since my last MP3 player.

New bill to mandate Digital TV transition by 2009.

The Economist breaks down flaws in BSA study.

Michael Geist on Canada copyright wars, episode two.

eReserves. The article features a friend of mine from elementary school. Go figure.


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