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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Robot swarming. SNIU

WalMart cedes to NetFlix.

Live remixes.

In game ads heat up.

IP addresses remain safe in Canada. Ultimately, such rulings are wise, as they will keep the information there, accessible for law enforcement in cases of true need. Otherwise, the data is likely to be lost for good.

Spanish teacher fired for P2P lecture. MPAA pressure.

BSA comments on trackerless torrents.

Blu-Ray DVDs to hit 100GB. !

Distributed single-signon. Very interesting if it works.

More BSA news, software piracy predicted to take 2/3 of the market. In other news, crystal balls in short supply.

802.11n moves backward in standards process.

50 Cent unfazed by P2P.

Star Wars P2P media frenzy.


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