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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Napster launches first of Microsoft-enabled DRM services. The amusing thing is, DRM is entirely against the interests of Napster--songs with no DRM can play on the iPod, but those without cannot.

EU starts software patents process over. Maybe they will take more time to deliberate this run.

Cell: an SNIU processor/architecture.

First french P2P case closed. The contrast with the way things work in America is interesting. First, it wasn't settled. Second, the asked-for amount seems small. Third, the court didn't award (relatively) that much. $13K seems like a lot, but the expected costs of filesharing are still in the pennies.

Napster uses new MS DRM. It's still DRM, and it's DRM that only works on a few players.

This new service, on the other hand, is DRM-free. No word on whether the industries will sign.

Tinker, tinker. DRM for Altoids tins next?

Satellite radio in your pocket.


It's not just the P2P services that get sued....

Another DRM failure.


Daily Illini on filesharing.

Why would a capitalist give something away for free? To make money, of course.

Why would a capitalist ignore piracy? To make money, of course.


Archival problems.

'Napster for nerds.' The SSRN and semi-open access.

Hatch's latest bill(s) passes Senate.

Library Digitization Projects and Copyright.

Copyright Office reforms. When I was researching freshman year, the Copyright Office was worse than useless. You would think it's just a distance problem, but even at the actual office itself no one knows anything and no summary records exist.


DP on school-sponsored downloading.



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