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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Big news day

BBC Internet Radio. Time-limited. The new model? Only works if DRM works.

More on the DVD patent lawsuit.

Major semi-open access move.

DP Perspective on downloading.

Wireless streaming to theaters.

Liquid Information, a WikiWeb? Great, except that it entirely devalues expertise.

Google infringes yet again. They have shown time and time again that innovation proceeds best when rights are not overly-restrictive and can be negotiated later, on their terms.

Kahle v Ashcroft appeal.

Hurricane Electric SNIU.

Napster moves into movie downloads.

Ballster, a strange and wonderful P2P VoIP SNIU.

eXeem commentary.

The other lawsuit.

Still don't get it.

Mashups. Official mashups.

Grokster. Grokster. Grokster. Grokster. Lots of links.



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