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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The wisdom of crowds. Peer-to-peer decision making. Oh, and Gladwell's wrong. Again. When he spoke at Penn two years ago, he seemed to think that steroids are only illegal because people don't like letting people work harder, and that's just what they did. Grr.

IBM pledges 500 patents free to use for open source projects. Blatant price-discrimination. And it's brilliant. OS projects aren't likely to buy their patents anyway--they're likely to invent their own solutions instead, spawning competition.

The Absurdism of Perennially Extending Copyright.

IPac launches new activism site. seeks to be the definitive source for everything music-industry related. If it's true, it will be an incredible resource.

Another Beatles mashup.

Wentworth on why Canada's new scary legislation conflicts with calls for a national digital library. There are other reports that Google's library of public domain documents is not available in Germany and other countries.



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