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Sunday, June 26, 2005

I think I've already posted this link, but wanted to point out this:
"The biggest problem was granting Most Favored Nation status. [Granting a rights holder Most Favored Nation status requires giving them the highest fee you pay for a comparable song. For example, if Warner Chappell asks $10,000 for a clip but you have to license a Sony clip for $12,000, you'd have to also give Warner Chappell $12,000 if it has MFN status. - ed.] I would only agree to that for the classics. Things like Frank Sinatra hits." These high profits are why there's such an incentive for CTEA-like retroactive term extensions. Too bad those old guys were so good, because the incentive is not so good.

NYTimes article on new media old media. The guy with the typewriter heading it all is just classic.

USPTO does its job again! And some patent abuse.

S115 still boiling. And more.

Miller's latest pre-Grokster roundup, including a Hillary Rosen piece that is definitely worth a read. Choice Rosen quote, in which she denies the recent studies of questionable methodology claiming iTMS is second: "These services have traffic at a rate 40 to 50 times the traffic of legitimate sites."

The SCOTUSblog link for Grokster coverage. That and the Picker Mobblog should be two amazing sources for commentary and info tomorrow, if tomorrow's the day.



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